Artist Statement

James H. Vredevoogd
My work has had one common theme since I returned to painting in the eighties from nearly ten years of doing and teaching Performance Art. That theme is the recognition of what R. Buckminster Fuller called “event aggregates” as our only perceivable reality. Modern physics has shown us that there is not a single solid object in the universe. The entire cosmos is in transition. One could say, as Fuller suggested, the word cosmos itself is a verb rather than a noun. It is how we perceive as well as what we perceive.

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About James Vredevoogd

James H. Vredevoogd holds a BA from Michigan State University and an MFA in painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art. His paintings are in the permanent collections of two museums, several universities, and various private collections. An Emeritus professor of Art at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, he taught painting, drawing, and performance Art for thirty-two years.

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