Reviews, Dec 6, 2012

Provocative surrealism exhibit dazzles at Glass Growers

There are artists who strive to re-create reality, to perfectly capture a vista or a visage through a camera lens, on canvas, or in clay. Then there are artists like James Vredevoogd…
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Erie Reader Review, Dec 12, 2012

Visual Experiences: Different Modes of Knowing

Mr. Vredevoogd’s paintings lie somewhere between the precisely rendered dream landscapes of Salvador Dali and the brushy folk-tale images of Marc Chagall. His work more closely resembles Russian Surrealism, such as the art of Vladimir Kush, which seems most evident to me in pieces like “Portrait: Brazil,” and “The Island of Duality.”…
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The Merciad, Dec 4, 2012

Friends of Mercy return to campus

The Friends of Mercy art show is housed on the first floor of Old Main and features an extensive collection of art, including a painting created by James Vredevoogd...
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